"Most parents are anxious for their boys to complete the school course so that they can get a salaried job and lead an easy life. This however is a wrong way of looking at education. Learning has value in its own tight. The purpose of learning is freedom—and freedom is another word for what we have called Self-reliance.

Self-reliance means freedom from dependence on others, or on any external support. A man who has true learning is truly free and independent. The first and least part of this self-sufficiency is that the body must be educated and made skilled in a craft. A second, and a very important, part of it is the ability to acquire new knowledge for oneself. There is a third essential element in freedom, and this also is a part of education. Freedom implies not only independence of other people but also independence of one’s own moods and impulses. The man who is a slave to his senses and cannot keep his im­pulses under control is neither free nor self-sufficient. Tem­perance, vows and service therefore have their place in education, for it is by such means that this third aspect of freedom can be learned. "- Vinoba Bhave, Thoughts on Education, Chapter 6 [१]

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